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Multi-Purpose Welding Power Supply



The ARC-3000 is a fully regulated stud welding power supply that is available in single or dual gun version. Both versions have the constant output feature that allows the unit to be used as a power source that can operate external stud welding control units. An added feature in the ARC-3000 is the ability to dial in the desired weld time and current before even making a weld. By selecting the setup mode, the weld time and current can be adjusted and displayed on the front panel digital meters.

A specially designed electronic gun control circuit has been incorporated to increase the overall reliability. If a fault condition occurs due to a shorted gun solenoid or a faulty control cable, the circuit will prevent gun re-triggering and eliminate damage to the printed circuit board.


 Height:  36"
 Width:  28"
 Depth:  40"
 Weight:  950 lbs.
 Input Power Requirements:  Voltage 230/460/575 VAC 3 Phase 60 Hz.
 Fusing 400/200/180 VAC
 Output:  3000 Amps @ 44VDC
 Stud Capacity:  1/4" thru 1 1/4"