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Soyer BMS-10N Stud Welding System  


The BMS 10N stud welding system is a more powerful CD welder than the smaller 8N. It can weld steel studs up to 3/8" in diameter. The system is universally adaptable to different welding situations. The microprocessor controller ensures consistent weld parameters. The unit can interface with other devices, including the automatic stud feeding system, CNC controllers or PLC's. The system can be ordered with integrated shielding gas control. 

The BMS-10N also supports all capacitor discharge stud welding methods, with the different guns that can be ordered with the system. Contact , gap, and stored drawn arc welding processes are achieved by using the appropriate Soyer gun with the BMS-10N controller. 


 Weld Range:  #6 - 3/8"� with Steel, Stainless Steel, and Brass. 5/16" � max Aluminum, depending on base material
 Welding Process:  Tip ignition, gap or contact
 Standard Gun:  PS-1 (gap) or PS-1K (contact), PS-OK (compact contact)�
 Power Source:  88,000 �fd capacitor bank, optionally 132,000 �fd for 3/8" � Steel
 Charging Voltage:  50 - 220 VDC Variable up/down
 Welding Time:  .001 - .003 seconds
 Duty Cycle:  Up to 20 studs/minute, depending on stud diameter�
 Mains supply:  110/220/230 VAC
 Welding and Ground cables:  10 ft Flexible
 Dimensions:  16" x 8" x 15� (w x h x d)
 Weight:  40 lbs