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Soyer BMS-8NV Stud Welding System


The BMS-8NV is a high power stud welding system featuring microprocessor control, light weight and compact design. This reliable system contains features to assure reliability and absolute safety. Southern Stud Weld offers the BMS-8NV as a complete welding package, including a PS-1 gap gun, the capacitor power source, all required cables, a complete set of collets and tools, and the operation and maintenance manual, all inside a rugged plastic carrying case.

This high power stud welding system in a compact package is ideal for the sign manufacturing industries most demanding applications. The gap methos allows this system to achieve better performance with larger diameter aluminum weld studs. This system is also best for hard temper aluminum alloys such as 6061 T6 aluminum material.


  Weld Range:  #6 - 3/8" (10MM) with Steel, Stainless steel, and Brass. 5/16" (8MM) Aluminum, depending on base material
 Welding Process:  Tip ignition, gap or contact
 Standard Gun:  PS-1 (gap) or PS-1K (contact) PS-OK (compact contact)
 Power Source:  99,000 mfd capacitor bank
 Charging Voltage:  50 - 200 VDC Variable up/down
 Welding Time:  .001 - .003 seconds
 Duty Cycle:  Up to 20 studs/minute, depending on stud diameter
 Mains supply:  115/230 V 50/60Hz 10A
 Welding and Ground cables:  10 ft Flexible
 Dimensions:  11" x 5" x 12" (w x h x d)
 Weight:  22.5 lbs