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SSW CD-110 Stud Welding System


The SSW CD 110 stud welder is a state of the art capacitor discharge stud welding system featuring microprocessor control for precise adjustment of welding parameters. Capable of both contact and gap welding methods and with a selectable capacitor bank, this versatile system can be customized for welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The CD 110 offers 110.000 microfarads of capacitance to handle up to 3/8" (M10) steel CD weld studs. The stud welder saves time and costs with short weld times of 0.01 seconds, and a charge time of less than three seconds.

Housed in a durable steel case with powder coat paint, the CD 110 includes a demand cooling fan for maximum throughput. Electrical safety is assured via automatic overvoltage protection and a resettable circuit breaker. Paired with the heavy duty CD gun, this rugged system holds up in demanding environments.


  Weld Range:  #4 - 3/8" (10mm) with Steel, #4 -5/16" Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
 Welding Process:  Tip ignition, gap or contact
 Standard Gun:   HD CD Gun with 40' cable
 Power Source:  Selectable capacitor bank 66,000/88,000/110,000 microfarads
 Charging Voltage:  50 - 200 VDC Variable up/down
 Welding Time:  .001 - .003 seconds
 Duty Cycle:  Up to 20 studs/minute, depending on stud diameter
 Mains supply:  115/230 V 50/60Hz Voltage selection via jumper
 Welding and Ground cables:   15' #2 Ground cable
 Dimensions:  9.6" x 10.2" x 14.6" (w x h x d)
 Weight:  47 lbs