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Soyer Stud Welding Drawn Arc and Short-Cycle Equipment

Since January 1, 1970 Soyer Stud Welding has been developing, producing, selling and servicing stud welding devices.
These products guarantee top quality in technology, compact design and safety. Southern Stud Weld is proud to be a distributor for this state-of-the-art stud welding equipment.  All of these machines feature microprocessor control to assure consistent weld parameters. 

Soyer drawn arc and short-cycle stud welding equipment uses the latest in control technology to guarantee absolute uniformity and reproducibility of the functional sequence. The consistent weld parameters produce consistent results and save time and money in your manufacturing application. 

The Soyer systems are designed using a modular concept. This allows the equipment to work with different welding guns, automatic welding heads, feeders, and positioning systems to provide a solution to your welding application. 

Short-cycle drawn arc welding uses the same basic principle as drawn arc welding, however, with the ability to weld with large currents and short time periods. This allows these systems to weld short cycle studs that cost less than the flux loaded drawn arc weld studs. These machines also will allow the use of shielding gas, instead of the ceramic ferrules. These systems can also use the ceramic ferrules if necessary. 

Soyer Stud Welding Drawn Arc and Short-Cycle Equipment