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Soyer Stud Welding CD Equipment

Since January 1, 1970 Soyer Stud Welding has been developing, producing, selling and servicing stud welding devices. These products guarantee top quality in technology, compact design and safety. Southern Stud Weld is proud to be a distributor for this state-of-the-art stud welding equipment.  All of these machines feature microprocessor control to assure consistent weld parameters. 

Our model range of capacitor discharge stud welders enables welding studs from #4 to 3/8" ( 2mm to M8) to be welded with manual, semi- and fully automatic stud feed. These stud welders are especially suitable for welding studs on thin base materials and for working with Aluminum applications. 

These CD welding systems can be equipped with contact or gap welding guns. These systems also can be used with an automatic welding head and interfaced with CNC or PLC controllers for automatic production systems. They also feature automatic shielding gas control and data acquisition capabilities for quality assurance.  

The Soyer PS-1 and PS-1K welding guns feature linear ball bearing shafts for smooth and equal plunging of the stud into the molten metal of the work piece. The gun also has an adjustable spring that can be dialed in to a specific pressure easily and accurately.

Soyer Stud Welding CD Equipment