November 11-14, 2019
McCormick Place
BOOTH B37084
North America's Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event

Southern Stud Weld will be demonstrating some new innovations in the automatic welding of fasteners.

  • The New BMS-9 ACCU Battery Powered Mobile CD Stud Welding System.

  • Drawn arc stud welding of the new HZ-1 weld studs with the BMK-16i inverter system.

  • The small and lightweight BMS-9 stud welding machine. The high frequency switching power supply reduces the size and weight on this system. Able to communicate the status of the system to the operator through the guns LED display of the new PS-9 stud gun. The innovative stud holding system allows for different lengths of fasteners to be welded without any change in the set up.

  • The innovative stud-welding gun PH-9 SRM+G with integrated ground and SRM technology. Heinz Soyer has won the German Federal Prize for Innovation with this product.

  • The newly developed HZ-1 SOYER weld stud with centering tip is ideal for stud welding using all known stud welding processes: capacitor discharge, drawn arc and short-cycle drawn arc stud welding. Together with SOYER equipment, this new type of weld stud can now replace the virtually innumerable variety of weld studs offered in the market.