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BMK-16i Stud Welding System

The new PH-2L is the standard gun for the BMK-16i Stud Welder


The Soyer BMK-16i inverter stud welding system from Southern Stud Weld Inc. is a multifunctional machine capable of stud welding, electrode welding, and GTAW. It has an inverter power supply design. The user can adjust welding parameters using the membrane keyboard and liquid crystal display. The stud welding system can make up to 5/8-in.-dia. stud welds with a reduced base. The system also includes automatic control of shielding gas and can be interfaced to automatic welding heads, feeding systems, CNCs, and programmable logic controllers. It can be used to weld stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, and brass. 


 Weld Range:  #6 - 5/8" (M3-M16) with Steel, Stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, aluminum and brass
 Welding Process:  Drawn Arc, Short-Cycle Drawn Arc, with ceramic ferrules or inert shielding gas. 
 Standard Gun:  PH-2L (gas or ceramic) 
 Welding Current:  400 - 1000A, adjustable and regulated with stud welding
 Welding Time:  10 - 1,000 ms
 Duty Cycle:  Up to 50 studs/minute, depending on stud diameter 
 Mains supply:  3 phase 400 VAC - 50/60Hz - 32 A (other voltage upon request) 
 Dimensions:  320 x 355 x 650mm (w x h x d) without handles
 Weight:  75 lbs

Special Features

  • Low connected load and low weight.
  • Extremely simple operator guide via sophisticated membrane keyboard with clear symbols for all necessary parameter inputs.
  • Welding current variably adjustable.
  • Shielding gas pre-flow time variably adjustable.
  • Welding time and pre-weld current time variable adjustable.
  • Integrated protective gas operating facilities
  • High welding current of 300 A for electrode welding and TIG welding.
  • Constant current controller (current fluctuation control).
  • Interface for signal interchange with external controls.
  • Self-protecting device in case of excess temperature or excessive welding sequence.