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Soyer BMS-9/9V Stud Welding System


This small, lightweight and portable stud welding system represents a new generation of stud welding equipment and offers many interesting technical features.

For the first time, it is possible for operators to view all important operating conditions with the help of an LED display using the traffic light principle on the PS-9 welding gun. The green LED display on the welding gun tells the operator when the stud welding device is ready and can be operated. Faults are signalled using the red LED display. The circular LED display shows the current operating status from any angle.

This makes the operator's job far easier and also considerably contributes to increasing the quality of the weld joints, thus offering maximum functionality and ease of use.


  Weld Range:  #6 - 5/16" (8m) with Steel, Stainless steel, and Brass. 1/4" Aluminum, depending on base material
 Welding Process:  Tip Ignition, gap or contact
 Standard Gun:  PS-9 (gap) or PS-9K (contact)
 Power Source:  66,000 mfd capacitor bank / 99,000 mfd with 9V
 Charging Voltage:  50 - 200 VDC Variable up/down
 Welding Time:  .001 - .003 seconds
 Duty Cycle:  Up to 20 studs/minute, depending on stud diameter
 Mains supply:  115/230 Volts,50/60Hz 16/10 Amps - Automatic voltage selection
 Welding and Ground cables:  10 ft Flexible
 Dimensions:  11.6" x 6.7" x 11.6" (w x h x d)
 Weight:  18.7 lbs