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Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud welding systems use a small ignition tip at the base of the weld stud to produce an arc. Pressure applied during the arc forces the base of the weld stud into the molten metal and welds the stud in .003 seconds. This fast weld time produces very little heat and allows welding studs to thin materials with minimum reverse side markings. The CD process can weld studs from #4 to 3/8" diameter in steel, and up to 5/16" in aluminum. This type of stud welding is used in the manufacturing of signs, kitchen equipment, control panels, and a host of other applications.

Southern Stud Weld distributes the most complete line of capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding equipment available. The large selection allows SSW to match the proper equipment to your application. This will improve your results, reduce your costs, and contribute to your success. 

We distribute models from the following manufacturers:

BMS-8N CD-212
BMS-8NV CD-212 P
BMS-10N CD-312
BMS-10P CD-512